Since 2008, we have been working with natural enzyme blends to create a formula that is “green” and safe compared to the typically harsh chemicals used in traditional remediations. We find that most individuals who are mold sensitive or mold toxic are also chemical sensitive. Our green formulas are safe for these individuals.

We had a mold remediation company, American Mold Experts, test and use our formulas in the field. They conducted intensive before and after tests on multiple projects and created a successful protocol. Additionally, a renowned PhD microbiologist helped us to improve the formula concentration, shelf life, and the current natural essential oil scents. He tested the before and after results in the lab on all types of mold, gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, as well as mycotoxins.

In 2012, we began testing before and after mycotoxin levels in actual remediation projects, waiting 3-6 months to test for mycotoxin clearance with significant success.

In 2023, testing revealed that traditional mold remediation processes do not effectively eliminate mycotoxins and, in fact, can increase mycotoxin levels after using air scrubbers, leaving these poisons behind even after successful mold remediation. MycotoxinKlear was developed specifically to follow a traditional remediation to clear mycotoxins.