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Are you looking for effective mold removal products and equipment? Welcome to U.S. Enzyme. We’re glad you’ve landed on our website. We’re a trusted source for all natural professional mold remediation and removal products that are non-toxic and safe for people, pets and the environment.

We know mold can be stressful, but finding the right remediation and removal products shouldn’t have to be. U.S. Enzyme has worked tirelessly for over a decade in the research and development of our innovative professional mold removal products. We’re passionate about “green” products and tools that are safe, effective and ideal for mold treatment in homes, schools and workplaces.

Moreover, we know mold remediation and removal experts can only do their best work with the right products and equipment, and we’re proud to be a go-to resource for contractors across the United States.

Mold can be a serious problem and be at the root of health concerns, if not taken care of properly. It can be difficult to locate and distinguish between standard mold and toxic black mold. It usually resides in small cracks, crevices and dark areas. It can sometimes be hidden, as well, behind walls, in attics and basements. It comes in many colors – black, brown, gray, green, white – even shades of pink and can be tough to 100% identify. Some mold is powdery and some may have a more slimy texture. In most cases, it is best to have a licensed professional evaluate your mold issue and provide remediation and removal services.

Why Have a Mold Inspection and Hire a Mold Removal Specialist

Removing mold is a step by step process. Proper and effective removal requires process knowledge and patience. It often starts with a mold inspection, testing and findings report. Hiring the right professional and using the right products are key. There are tons of mold removal companies out there, don’t just hire anyone. Do your research. Look at reviews. Ask questions and pinpoint the best mold remediation company near you. And we always say, one of the first questions to ask your mold removal specialist – do you use U.S. Enzyme products?

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The Most Common Factors Associated With Mold Growth And Where To Look

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Mold can be a fatal problem if not taken care of. However, it is better to take preventive measures rather than waiting for it to occur and then seeking for cure. Following are the factors that can cause mold to grow in your surroundings.


It means the percentage of water content in the air is a vital nourishing factor for molds. It favors the growth of black mold. If the relative humidity level is greater than 55 percent, your indoor environment has the perfect conditions for the promotion of its growth.


Black mold also gets favorable growth conditions after an area is flooded. What makes flooded areas more immune to such hosts is that draining them out can take days and that gives it sufficient time for growth.

Leaky Roofs

The water stains that commonly occur in apartments should be alarming enough. A check should be kept in the upper flows for signs of water leakage or pipe damage.


The use of humidifiers can be dangerous if it is abused. So, if you have some humidifiers at your place, ensure that your relative humidity (RH) level remains within sixty percent. To ensure this, installation of a relative humidity sensor is required. One of the best humidity sensors switches off the humidifiers itself if the relative humidity level exceeds the limit. Thus, black molds can be avoided.

Damp Spaces

Such spaces are often ignored during the daily cleaning of the house and are considered nothing more than storage places. However, it is such places that have cooler temperature. This means condensation. Obviously, condensation being the source of water droplets favors mold growth.


The more plants you have, the more you will water them. The more you water them, the more of the water would be evaporated. The more the process of evaporation occurs, the more the amount of moisture will enter your environment. Thus, it will provide favorable conditions for black mold.

Fading Wall Paint

If you see your wallpaper peeling out, it is not because the tape wasn’t good enough. The water seeping through your walls is always the major reason.

Blocked Gutters

Indoors drying appliances: Appliances that generate steam if placed inside the house can affect the relative humidity level. Once it shoots, the prevention of such colonies becomes tough. So, placing such appliances outside might do the trick.


This is no accumulation of dirt; it is pure colony of fungiFree Web Content, and proper measures have to be adopted in order to relieve oneself from it.

Mycotoxins – The Toxin That Makes Black Mold Deadly

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Black mold and mildew is a problem in every house. They grow on practically anything and spread at an alarming rate. There are many different types and all of them produce deadly toxins, known as mycotoxins. The severity of these toxins varies from mold to mold. Some molds grow on organic matters while others on damp walls and floors.

Indoor mold growth can adversely affect your health. Among various types of mold, black mold is widely found inside and outside homes. Once they start growing indoors, they can actually invade the entire house. These creatures are greenish black in color and prefer to grow on objects and material that have high cellulose content. You can also find them on building materials that contain cellulose and nitrogen.

Humidity is the main factor that helps in the growth of toxic mold. When a particular object or substance holds moisture for long, black mold grows on it rapidly. 104 degrees temperature is an ideal temperature for growth.

Inspecting and identifying black mold can, at times, be a tough task. It is difficult to locate the exact area where mold growth is taking place. They usually hide in small corners, cracks and dark areas. You will have to conduct a thorough research in order to find the exact area and location of growth. Then, you will have to carry out mold test that would identify what type of mold has infected your house.

Black mold produces toxins, which are the byproducts of metabolism. Excessive exposure to these toxins can severely affect human’s health in many different ways. They can cause irritation of eyes and throat, diarrhea, cancer, headache, memory loss, dermatitis and flu. In extreme cases, a person may die due to persistent exposure to mold toxins.

They can also paralyze men’s sperm and can even result in bleeding in lungs. It is also believed that mold can destroy the tissues of nervous system and especially affects the health of children and pets. People who have inhaled too much mold toxins find it difficult to concentrate on their work. HenceFeature Articles, it is very important that people keep the house clean and free from black mold in order to avoid health problems.

Black Mold, A Common Household Pest

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Black mold, a common household pest, is a toxic and potentially dangerous fungus. Because it is often hard to distinguish between regular mold and black mold, it is best to treat all mold growth as a threat. Further, it is important to understand the warning signs and symptoms of black mold, both on your home and on your health.

Black mold is one of the toxic forms of mold, which have the potential to have serious health risks on the human kind. Though seemingly harmless like ordinary mold, this mold has the capacity to damage your respiratory system. This type of mold is greenish black in color and can be found in different places around your household. Usually, the spores of mold are a basic component of the dust particles, which pose no serious threat because of their smaller quantities. However, when this spore quantity is oddly high, it has serious repercussions.

Damp and moist places are ideal for black mold growth; that is why it is usually found in bathrooms, ceilings and kitchen, where there is more moisture. Toxic mold is not always greenish black as usually the infected ceilings have yellowish spots on them. In certain cases, it grows in invisible places such as inside of water pipes, which is even more difficult to treat.

Black mold is responsible for a number of health hazards. It can cause more than 100 conditions of lungs and respiratory tract. The most common problems associated with mold exposure are eye irritation, skin irritation, nasal stuffiness and headaches, whereas more serious problems are fever, persistent cough, running nose, nose bleeds, burning sensation of the mouth, cold and flu, fatigue, asthma, bronchitis and urinary tract infections etc.

It can also cause allergies and weaken the immune system. The most risky problem associated with black mold is bleeding of the respiratory system, which can even cause death in infants. However, that is usually in extreme cases where there are high volumes of the fungus present. Normally, the most common problems are associated with the respiratory system. Toxic mold is harmful for everyone but infants, elderly, pregnant women and patients are at critical threat.

The issue is that most of the people do not get to the root cause of these health problems. They might get medical treatment but after some time, they will experience the same symptoms, and the cycle continues. This is because people are not aware of the health repercussions of this fungus. They consider it as harmless. Sometimes even if the mold is detected, it is considered as a usual fungal growth, posing no serious threats. So, it is very important to detect and cure this lethal fungus.

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