ToxinKlear® Mycotoxins Remover

ToxinKlear® Mycotoxins Remover

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NEW! Mold may be gone but what about the mycotoxins it produces?

Light-weight molecules easily transfer from indoor location to another by being inhaled and absorbed. These molecules are extremely hazardous to an indoor environment and a family’s health. 

The first product of its kind, ToxinKlear® completely removes and eliminates mycotoxin vapor molecules left behind after mold removal. Recommended for use in light-weight 360 fogger application. Non-Toxic**

**Products available in 2.5 gallon container in ready to use mix. Can be used in sprayer, fogger, or for complete coverage, a Victory Electrostatic Gun. Bulk purchasing available for dealers (55 gallon barrels). Please inquire for special pricing by contacting us.