When will I receive my order and how much does shipping cost?

Posted on December 16, 2019

Both transit time and shipping cost are determined during online order placement process.

Transit time is based upon what service type you select (i.e., regular ground, overnight, etc.) when placing your order. Please be sure to be observant which service type you select.

Shipping cost is based upon the weight of your shipment, location being shipped to and which service type you select.

How much does fogger hold and how long will it run?

The fogger holds just under 1 gallon and will run approximately 1 1/2 – 2 hours when full. Remember to always set fogger to lowest setting.

How do I find out how to use your products?

Mold Removal Protocol: Protocol for use comes with all orders sent via email. Please be sure to check your completed purchase confirmation which includes a link for download.

Why can’t I just paint over the mold?

Paint will only temporarily hide the mold and the mold will “eat” the paint and grow back through. It does nothing to eliminate it and its roots.

How long after application do I have to wait to do clearance testing.

You should do testing no sooner than 72 hours after application. It takes 24 – 48 hours for mold to grow, so the 72 hour time frame will allow ample time for mold to show up in testing if it is still a problem.

The household mold menace and children

Despite the fact that mold awareness has increased very much over the last years, it still frequently happens that most individuals do not know that they have a problem and neither are they capable of recognizing the signs. The problem with indoor mold is that it can grow just about anywhere, therefore, being almost impossible to spot.