Speak with Experience…Licensed, 30+ years experience, the consultant mold sick patients seek out, Doctors refer and Attorneys request expert testimony.

Looking for the most effective mold stain removal products and have questions? We can help. Whether questions on mold types, your mold situation, the pros and cons of different treatments or what protocol to use, our experienced team can help guide you.

As an added service, we offer in-depth phone consultations with U.S. Enzyme founder Bill Nicoll. Bill has over 30 years of experience in mold testing, inspections and remediation, including various methods of mold removal and the most effective solution to mold and the mycotoxins they produce.

Questions on Mold? Dr. Margaret Christensen who specializes in treating mold toxic and mold sick patients reaches out to US Enzyme founder Bill Nicoll to interview him for her Toxic Mold Summit in January 2019.  Hear her questions and his answers regarding the aspects of mold in the environment.  Detoxing mold from her patients is only one aspect of treatment.  Her work has little results unless the environment her patients live in, that cause the toxicity, is cleared.

As a former residential and commercial mold remediation contractor, Bill understands the problem issues with structures and the mechanics that control the indoor environment. He is a licensed Assessor and Remediator in the State of Florida, which is one of five states currently requiring licensing and specialized training for mold industry professionals.

Consumer Mold Consultation Fees:

  • $300 for first hour
  • $150 each hour thereafter, billed in 15 minute increments