Green Mold Remediation Products at U.S. Enzyme

After 28 years in traditional mold remediation and the use of dangerous chemical utilized for cleanup, Founder, Bill Nicoll thought there had to be a better way to treat a structure for mold. Through much research and collaboration an all NEW natural cleaner for mold was born. Independent testing confirms 100% effective on all varieties of mold species even the very dangerous black mold, Stachybotrys.  

Due to the NEW and innovative nature of the treatment as compared to tradition methods of taking care of mold, the company sought out a service company to test the product.  Now 10 years later American Mold Experts, located in Central Indiana has serviced both residential and commercial clients from Massachusetts to Colorado with 100% success rate in eradicating mold. Using our green products they are able to offer 100% money back guarantee, and mold warranty.  American Mold Experts has clearance tests passes with every warranted job, stating, “We can give the consumer the ultimate confidence their home is restored and moldsafe® with the least amount of destruction to their home using U.S. Enzyme, LLC green products.”

We now offer a line of products designed all green and natural that address the remediation industry.  Also in development is new green cleaners to tackle endotoxins and mycotoxins as well as many others.