Do I really need the turntable for the fogger? Can’t I just walk around with fogger for coverage?

The turntable was designed for even and complete coverage in a room. The fogger should be run according to our remediation protocol.  We recommend running fogger 15 minutes before starting to clean, running during entire cleaning process in a room and up to 20 minutes after cleaning and everyone has left room.  Simply walking around with the fogger will simply chase and push out the spores and particulate in front of you due to the force of the air coming out.  It’s like a dog chasing its tale.  The spores and particulate simply run from you by the force of the air. Setting the fogger on a turntable and allowing it to run for long periods of time on very low settings forces everything to the walls to be treated.  It also ensures that treatment reaches corners and forces in to small areas like receptacles and details on crown molding, built-in book shelves, etc.  This can be used in your office space as well.

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