What steps should I take before I begin to clean my home?

Make sure all water intrusions are repaired.

Make sure all areas maintain a humidity level below 60%.

Make sure all substrates, wood trim, flooring, etc., have a moisture content below 15%.

Confirm your HVAC (when running) is not blowing air above 50% humidity.

Remove all items that would be hard to clean (i.e., natural plant wreaths, pine cone decorations).

Remove all demo materials from space.

Plan on sealing any raw wood items after wipedown.

Where possible, we recommend all construction be completed (i.e., if you are having a bathroom torn out or kitchen cabinets). Gut the room as needed and remember new construction materials, including wood, cabinets, etc., may contain spores from the store, warehouse, contractor, transportation vehicle, etc.,

Plan on wiping down all new materials and furniture brought into the home after cleaning.

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