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Which product should I use?

MoldStainKlear Interior: Use for fogging and cleaning contents in interiors.

MoldStainKlear Crawl & Attic: Use ONLY for crawlspaces and attics.  Can be used on wood studs before drywall has been installed.

MoldStain T-Klear: Use this for all mold and mycotoxin concerns.

Renew-Air: For use in ultrasonic humidifiers.  Product should not be used in a heated humidifier.

CarKlear:  For use in remediation of vehicle interiors.

Duct-CoilKlear: Blended to remove mold & bacteria from air ducts and evaporator & condenser coils, cuts through biofilm.

PassKlear:    Eliminates using air scrubbers.  Primarily used by remediation contractors to ensure the air is properly cleaned and will pass clearance testing.

Fresh n Klear:   Cleans air and surfaces to eliminate odors. Can be used in sprayer, fogger, ultrasonic humidifier or atomizer.

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