MoldKlear® Interior Mold Remover


100% effective in cleaning all species of mold.

Completely evaporates dead mold spores.  This product features all natural ingredients so safe for people, pets and environment. No toxic chemical residue.  Ideal for your chemical sensitive clients and environments like schools, food services.  Can be used in multiple formats: fogger and electrostatic sprayer.

Two Formulas: Crawl Space & Attic or Interior formulas.** View all of our products here.

**Products available in 2.5 gallon container in ready to use mix. Can be used in fogger, or for complete coverage, a Victory Electrostatic Sprayer. Bulk purchasing available for dealers (55 gallon barrels). To inquire for special pricing, please click here.

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1 Gal., 2.5 Gal.


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